Memory Trail Sites

The Memory Trails Project will be presenting the work of selected schools throughout the 150th anniversary period. Our first schools are busy completing the historical portion of the assignments, but there is plenty of room so please do sign up! Join Us!

Presentations in Progress

The following schools have started work on presentations in various media forms to commemorate the anniversary of the Civil War and respond to one of three basic memorial challenges (see Student Guide).

Petaluma High School, Petaluma, CA 94952

At Petaluma High School, the librarian, Connie Williams, and the social science teacher Jennifer Lounibos have teamed up to focus on the third theme of our challenge: what change can you inaugurate in your lifetime? In their project, this was rephrased in an interview title "The Change I Want to Make" and sparked a remarkable series of audio visual productions called "voice threads." Below are some highlights from their work:

These young citizens covered an amazing range of issues--environmental, social, and political. One student hoped to educate the public by becoming a park ranger| Others hoped to save endangered species and ecosystems. Many more addressed such pressing issues such as educational funding, medical research, recycling, and the everyday health of Americans. In the true spirit of Civil War abolitionists, a few took up the continued tragedy of racial injustice and human trafficking--modern day slavery.

The entire collection of voice threads can be viewed at these links, organized by theme:

These young citizens have embraced the spirit of Abraham Lincoln by viewing the world as something in the process of becoming and taking an active role in making it a better place. Well done! We are looking forward to hearing more from this fascinating group of students.